Meet the Holwerdas

Re-blog. I’d like to share this post from new bloggers, Brad and Lindsey. Theirs is a story of faith and courage.

Hi there, we’re the Holwerda’s. We are your pretty average family..nothing to fancy or important about us. However, we do have a story…and we feel it is one that needs to be shared. When Brad was diagnosed with brain cancer, our lives were turned upside down. We have since been on a journey…and God has been with us, guiding us, every step of the way.

Through this journey, our family theme has become “Be strong and courageous” (Joshua 1:9) from the Jericho story in the Bible. It’s because of this story, that we knew that God wanted us to pursue a natural, alternative treatment plan for Brad. We knew this plan would sound “odd” to most people, just like God’s plan of attack for Joshua and his army. (If you aren’t familiar with Joshua and the Battle of Jericho, we encourage you to read Joshua 1-6 in the Bible.)


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