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January 20, 2020


Dear Jesus,

I ask you today, to fill my heart with JOY. Please fill my husband’s, my childrens’ my brothers’, my sisters’ all of my nieces’, all of my nephews’, all of my in- laws’, my dear friends’, all those who read my posts and my blogs, and my wonderful church family’s ‘ hearts with abundant and overflowing joy today, tomorrow and every day after that!


Jesus first

Others second

Yourself last


This morning I put Jesus first. I prayed. I read His Word. I am reminded that JESUS is my Wonderful counselor! JESUS is my my Mighty God! JESUS is my Everlasting Father! JESUS is my Prince of Peace! It is Jesus who can fill my heart with joy even with stage 4 kidney disease and cancer and a mastectomy and chemotherapy. Jesus is my good shepherd. I…

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