A lighthearded Paws in troubled times

A Puppy

On a puppy’s sleepy
spotted tummy
the sun connects her dots.

Her back legs tricycle.
Her pink snout-
of-a-velvet church

beads with milk;
a muffle; an eye
swims under its lid

as her brother’s tongue
takes her ear up
like a flower petal.

Stephen Lindow

Our Father, thank you for puppies and playful kittens, the wild birds who go about their business of building nests and laying eggs and singing. Thank you for the waving heads of daffodils and thoughts of summer blooming scented roses, of squirrels who entertain us with their acrobatics high up in the trees. Thank you for spring buds that will soon be unfurling to the warmth of the sun and Magnolia flowers as silver as the moon.

Thank you for our family and friends, cheery (and maybe not so cheery) shopkeepers and the welcomed postman/woman. Thank you for those we are drawn to and those whose personality clashes with our own – because as you teach us to love them, then is your glory made manifest. Thank you for our neighbours and fellow dog walkers and all whose path may cross our own.

Thank you for this day.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

4 thoughts on “A lighthearded Paws in troubled times

  1. Aww.. thanks, Lesley. I’m reminded of an artist who painted baby animals held in a giant hand. The painting was called “Let There Be Cute.” ❤
    Yesterday when I was walking our dog I saw my first rabbit. Trees are blooming in white and pink, forsythia bright yellow, crocuses, jonquils, hyacinths, violets … Virus or no virus, God is turning our neighborhood beautiful again.

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