Free educational books for home-schooling

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Violet's Vegan Comics

Listening to the Radio Sussex this morning it came to our attention that people are worried about home-educating their children while the UK schools are closed and we want to help.

So we’re giving away 50 copies of Honestly Books’ wonderful educational colouring book:  Colour By Nutrients.

Colour By Nutrients is at once a resource for artistic indulgence and an educational tool.  Divided into chapters of different vitamins and minerals, the book illustrates which foods contain significant amounts of each.  The authors are happy for teachers and parents to photocopy the colouring pages for use in the classroom.  All in all a delightful way to learn about nutrition.

This 120-page book is approximately 19 x 25 cm.

We have decided to give away as many as we can afford to home-educating families in the UK (one per household) and we reckon we can stretch to 50 copies – first…

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