My contribution to keeping our spirits up during the virus – Part One

Social distancing U.K. style

For overseas friends the accent you hear in this video is the beautiful Welsh accent, hence the sub-titles. Please give the video a few moments to load.

God bless them, lol!

Dear friends,

I will catch up with all your posts soon. I’ve been busy going out on long walks with the dogs – we’re allowed one session of exercise outdoors per day, so I’ve made sure mine has lasted 3 – 4 hours! I’ve also been pottering around in the garden while hubby, whose work has shut down, has been contentedly ensconced in front of the t.v. – after he’s done the housework which he volunteered to do. I’m happy – he’s happy! I’ve also gone back to the manuscript of a novel I was writing, which was interrupted by said husband having three mini-strokes two summers ago. He’s alright now as long as he does what he’s told and takes his medication. All is well with us and we’re just managing the best we can like everyone else.

Look after yourselves. God bless you all.

Lesley xxx

p.s. I hope you liked the video.

4 thoughts on “My contribution to keeping our spirits up during the virus – Part One

  1. Love you Lesley. You are so sweet and optimistic. Glad you get to be outdoors and enjoy the time in nature with your dogs. I am also glad the Lord has let you get back to writing your novel. Will love to read it someday if the Lord is willing. He truly is amazing and wonderful. I praise Him for the gift of you! Sending love. 💞

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    1. Aw PK, I’ve just rescued your comment from my ‘Pending’ file. I’m sorry I missed it.
      It’s actually not my voice though. lol. My daughter sent me this video she’d got from facebook. I have a Glasgow (Scotland) accent … it’s not nearly as lovely as the Welsh accent. We thought her voice made it so funny too. 😀

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