On Being A Sensitive Soul

We feel the pain of those around us,

And, the depth of our own pain as well.

Not just in our thoughts,

Or our feelings.

But in our souls.

In our hearts.

In each of our cells.

Energy. Vibration. Auras.

We feel that too.

We absorb it.

Us, sensitive souls.

And, sometimes,

It can all become too much.

We can’t hide it any longer.

We protect ourselves, as

We play small. Try to disappear.

Hold back, stay quiet.

Avoid conflict.

Smile, wear a mask.

Be nice. Be good.

Don’t rock the boat.

We try to hold it all inside.

But, inevitably, we can’t.

Let’s try and numb the pain.

Drinking, eating, shopping.

Numbed and muted.

But, it’s still there.

The pain always comes back.

Healing is the way out.

So, can you choose healing today?

Can you surrender?

Can you let your pain be felt?

Feel your feelings,

Let them be transformed.

Let them be Healed.

Let yourself Heal…

Flood your heart with gentleness,

Compassion and inner peace.

Nourish yourself from within.

Fill your heart center with Love.

Find some quiet moments just for you.

To be still and breathe fully.

Paint loosely. Dance freely.

Play with wild abandon.

Sing loudly. Write poetry.

And just let yourself be.

Let yourself be heard.

Speak up. Stand tall.

Connect with your inner courage.

Give yourself permission,

To be brave.

To be an inspiration.

To shine brightly.

To find  your inner light.

Let your love radiate out.

The world needs you.

Know that you are

A beautiful blessing.

An absolute delight…

A special gift in this world.

Thank you for being you.

From my sensitive heart to yours.

Wishing you many, many blessings,

Love Katrina

by Katrina Love Senn

2 thoughts on “On Being A Sensitive Soul

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous. Was discussing empath with someone on here who thinks we’re all empaths (I’ve no idea).
    Gotta share this:)
    Love, light and glitter

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