Meditations with Julian of Norwich

God feels great delight
 to be our Father
and God feels great delight
to be our Mother
and God feels great delight 
to be our true Spouse
and our soul the loved Wife.

Christ feels great delight
that He is our brother
and Jesus feels great delight
that He is our Liberator.
These are five great joys
that God wants us to enjoy.
I saw that God
never began to love us.

For just as we will be
in everlasting joy
(all God's creation is destined for this)

so also have we always been
in God's foreknowledge,
known and loved
from without beginning.
God said:

"This I am -
the capability and goodness
of the Fatherhood.
This I am -
the wisdom of the Motherhood.
This I am -
the light and grace
that is all love.
This I am - 
the Trinity.
This I am -
the Unity.
I am the sovereign goodness
of all things.
I am what makes you love.
I am what makes you long and desire.
This I am -
the endless fulfilling of all desires."


About Julian of Norwich

During an illness in 1373 Julian of Norwich had a series of profound visions, which she later wrote about. Julian also devoted the rest of her life to prayer. Julian was an anchoress. In the Middle Ages an anchorite or anchoress was a person who devoted himself or herself to solitary prayer. (The word has nothing to do with anchors on ships, it comes from the Greek word anachoreo, which means to withdraw). Julian lived in a room or cell attached to the Church of St Julian in Norwich. Her cell had 3 windows, one opened onto the church so she could receive communion. One enabled her to speak to her assistant. The third allowed ordinary people to seek her spiritual advice or ask for her prayers.

Julian is famous for her book Revelations of Divine Love. Julian had an optimistic faith. She is best known for her saying ‘All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well’ and she said ‘Prayer is not overcoming God’s reluctance. It is laying hold of his willingness’. Julian also said ‘God showed me something as small as a hazel nut in the palm of my hand’ She wondered what it was and God told her ‘It is all that is made’. Julian also wrote about the ‘motherhood’ of God. She said ‘As truly as God is our father so truly God is our mother’. Julian also said ‘Between God and the soul there is no between’. Today Julian of Norwich is remembered as a Christian mystic.

To find out more about Julian of Norwich, please follow this link.

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