Listen In Silence If You Would Hear

Our Father, Thank you for this quiet time of peace when we are able to be still and rest, and listen for your voice. Help us to dispel the attitude of fear during the uncertainty, to take each moment as it comes and not to worry for the future. Help us to ‘be still andContinue reading “Listen In Silence If You Would Hear”

It’s All About Attitude

Promise Yourself(The Optimist Creed) Promise yourself to be so strong that nothing candisturb your peace of mind.To talk health, happiness, and prosperity toevery person you meet.To make all your friends feel like there issomething in them.To look at the sunny side of everything and make youroptimism come true.To think only of the best, to workContinue reading “It’s All About Attitude”

Last Instructions

Before I leave hold my hand and whisper softly of the summery scent of sweet peas, the heady aroma of spiced lilies, the fragrance of pine after a Highland shower. Speak to me of spring when raindrops fall upon the Wear,* Tell me how I once again gaze from the bridge spellbound by the concentricContinue reading “Last Instructions”

The Saints of Lindisfarne

On the rocky shore of a Northern Isle, I huddle round glowing embers while the wind caresses me, whispering echoes of a Celtic prayer – the voices of Aidan and Cuthbert. Yearning sighs of tide, the great North Sea ebbs and flows over timeworn pebbles, blending with strains of sacred devotion in a chorus ofContinue reading “The Saints of Lindisfarne”

You are a miracle!

Your chance of being born: 1 in 400 Quadrillion to 10 to the 2,640,000th power. the cosmos A bubble burns with nuclear force – a galaxy is born, birth of a dynasty of sibling stars – each beautiful, deadly or benign, blazing their way in an uncharted dance marking the conception of a cosmos –Continue reading “You are a miracle!”

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