Rejoice in the Lord!

Psalm 42: 5,6 New Living Translation Why am I discouraged?    Why is my heart so sad?I will put my hope in God!    I will praise him again—    my Savior and my God! Psalm 37: 3-6 New Living Translation Trust in the Lord and do good.    Then you will live safely in the land and prosper.Take delight in the Lord,    and he will give youContinue reading “Rejoice in the Lord!”

Raise a Hallelujah! Worship and Praise in Song

“Raise a Hallelujah” is an anthem of faith in the face of great challenge. So in the face of our current world challenge, let’s use a melody of faith to push back the fear and frustration and find a way to serve and bless! (courtesy of ToGather) There’s a very special story behind the writingContinue reading “Raise a Hallelujah! Worship and Praise in Song”

Worship together online during Corona Virus outbreak – 22nd March

Welcome! We hope you are blessed worshiping with believers from all over the world. This week’s ToGather emphasizes the power and importance of loving affirmation. To prepare to worship with us, you will want to have some wine (or grape juice) and bread to share in Communion. In addition, you may want to download theContinue reading “Worship together online during Corona Virus outbreak – 22nd March”

A lighthearded Paws in troubled times

A Puppy On a puppy’s sleepyspotted tummythe sun connects her dots. Her back legs tricycle.Her pink snout-of-a-velvet church beads with milk;a muffle; an eyeswims under its lid as her brother’s tonguetakes her ear uplike a flower petal. Stephen Lindow Our Father, thank you for puppies and playful kittens, the wild birds who go about theirContinue reading “A lighthearded Paws in troubled times”

Worship together online during the Corona Virus outbreak

At this moment in time, a new phrase dominates the public conversation: “social distancing.” Before the coronavirus (COVID 19) reared its ugly and destructive head, I’m not sure I had ever heard this phrase in conversation. These days, however, locking ourselves in our home seems to be the primary solution to preventing the spread ofContinue reading “Worship together online during the Corona Virus outbreak”

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