!Prayer Alert – Please Pray For The Philippines!

The Philippines is bracing for a new storm that will hit the Southeast Asian nation this weekend, days after Typhoon Molave left at least 16 people dead and thousands in evacuation sites. Goni, which developed into a severe tropical storm, is expected to further intensify as it enters Philippine waters late Thursday, the nation’s weatherContinue reading “!Prayer Alert – Please Pray For The Philippines!”

Never Doubt The Power Of Prayer

Let not one sin remain.Let all your worries go.Give it up. Give it all.Give everything to God.Trust Him with your feelings.Trust Him with your thoughts.Trust Him with your life.Praise God when you’re hurting.Praise God when you’re happy.Praise God when times are tough.Praise God all the time.Love Him with all your heart,All your soul,All your might.MakeContinue reading “Never Doubt The Power Of Prayer”

Please Add California To Your Prayers

Our Father, Once again the people of California are experiencing devastating wildfires. Please ease the wind so that the firefighters may be able to contain the fires. Strengthen them as they struggle to get the situation under control and bless them as they work to protect and save lives. Comfort those who mourn the deathsContinue reading “Please Add California To Your Prayers”

Please Pray For India

India’s Coronavirus cases have jumped from 2 million to 3 million in three weeks. The situation has been further endangered by heavy rainfall, causing scenes such as the one above, adding a fight against water-borne diseases to that of Covid-19. Prayer during the Coronavirus epidemic (Based on Psalm 91.1-6) God of love and compassion,we liveContinue reading “Please Pray For India”

Pray For Beirut, Lebanon

A HUGE explosion has killed at least 135 people and left more than 5,000 injured after the blast devastated parts of Lebanon’s capital Beirut. It has been reported the blast in Lebanon – which created a mushroom cloud – was a fifth the size of Hiroshima World War 2 bombing. It is a disaster on aContinue reading “Pray For Beirut, Lebanon”

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