What will we have learned post Covid-19?

When the Coronavirus has been contained and under control in the weeks, perhaps months, to come – when a vaccine has been discovered in the near future, will we all get back to ‘normal’ and forget (or, at least, push to the back of our minds) the panic, anxiety, death and bereavement we will allContinue reading “What will we have learned post Covid-19?”

My contribution to keeping our spirits up during the virus – Part One

Social distancing U.K. style For overseas friends the accent you hear in this video is the beautiful Welsh accent, hence the sub-titles. Please give the video a few moments to load. God bless them, lol! Dear friends, I will catch up with all your posts soon. I’ve been busy going out on long walks withContinue reading “My contribution to keeping our spirits up during the virus – Part One”

Humanity is Good

I have always been convinced that there are more good people in the world than bad ones and it’s at times like this, during the outbreak of the Corona Virus, that it becomes evident. Visits to elderly residents in care homes have recently been prohibited, so the management in one put out an appeal forContinue reading “Humanity is Good”

Look to the Animals

Prayers by Carmen Bernos De Gasztold Prayer of the Spider I thank you, dear God, for the arches of my long legs – a spinner’s legs. In the middle of my wide silken net, fragile and strong in the shifting wind. I wait for my meat and drink and thank you, dear God. Between branchesContinue reading “Look to the Animals”

Desperate appeal from Wuhan pastor for prayer

A letter from a Chinese pastor, published by Christianpost.com A Chinese pastor living in Wuhan — the epicenter of the deadly coronavirus outbreak — has penned a powerful letter urging the international faith community to pray as the number of confirmed cases rises above 20,000 in the country. The Christian leader, identified as “A WuhanContinue reading “Desperate appeal from Wuhan pastor for prayer”

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