A Respectful Light-hearted Time Out

From the very beginning, we were created in God’s image. What an immense honor it is to have the features of God, to be like Him. If we have a sense of humor, then the One who created us has a sense of humor as well. (Molly Law (Christianity.com editor) In the beginning God createdContinue reading “A Respectful Light-hearted Time Out”

😯 😳Gone Writing – Part Two 😏 😎

Two years ago I was working on a novel, until my beloved husband decided (well maybe that’s a bit unfair) to have three mini-strokes all on the same day. It kind of brought my writing to a halt and that whole summer was devoted to looking after him – making sure he took his medication,Continue reading “😯 😳Gone Writing – Part Two 😏 😎”

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