On Criticizing And Judging Others

Excerpt from You Will Never Be The Same by Basilea Schlink “Included in the sins of pride, which God treats especially severely, are the sins of criticizing and judging. “God opposes the proud” (I Pet. 5: 5). Even if a person believes in Jesus, if at the same time, he persists in judging others GodContinue reading “On Criticizing And Judging Others”

Is the Church Full of Hypocrites?

Answering the Accusations – The Church is Full of Hypocrites by Matt Ritchey/BibleDoctrines.org    Chances are that you have heard or made the statement, “I used to go to church, but the church is full of hypocrites.” You may have experienced that the church preaches on love, but is not very loving. The pastor preachesContinue reading “Is the Church Full of Hypocrites?”

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