Free As A Bird

Free as a Bird Elizabeth Kaufman-Buchel UnattachedWith no rootsWith no barrier Free as a birdI want to be Despite the fears of freedomDespite the vulnerability of the unattachedDespite the unfamiliarity of the unknown Free as a birdI want to be Woven into the warmth of the evening windSwaying on the willow tree’s branchesCarried by theContinue reading “Free As A Bird”

Walk a Mile ~ Judge Softly

One of the most famous poems that has ever been written is ‘Walk a Mile in His Moccasins’. The quote is often attributed to various Native American Indian tribes, but it comes from a poem written by Mary T Lathrap in 1895. Mary Torrans Lathrap American Poet, Mary Torrans Lathrap, known as “The Daniel WebsterContinue reading “Walk a Mile ~ Judge Softly”

Celebrating Rain

People that love rain are called pluviophiles. The word pluviophile comes from the Latin word “pluvial,” which means rain, and “phile,” which denotes a thing or a person. Therefore, a pluviophile is a lover of rain, or someone that finds joy and peace of mind during the rainy days. Our Father, Thank You for the rolling dark grey cloudsContinue reading “Celebrating Rain”

On Being A Sensitive Soul

We feel the pain of those around us, And, the depth of our own pain as well. Not just in our thoughts, Or our feelings. But in our souls. In our hearts. In each of our cells. Energy. Vibration. Auras. We feel that too. We absorb it. Us, sensitive souls. And, sometimes, It can allContinue reading “On Being A Sensitive Soul”

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