God Wants You To Know This and Accept His Gift

Be happy in the Good News of Jesus Christ! God came to us in the person of The Son, born as a human to be a human blood sacrifice. Because of what He did for us on the Cross, He atoned for the sins of humankind and reconciled us to a proper relationship with God.Continue reading “God Wants You To Know This and Accept His Gift”

On Criticizing And Judging Others

Excerpt from You Will Never Be The Same by Basilea Schlink “Included in the sins of pride, which God treats especially severely, are the sins of criticizing and judging. “God opposes the proud” (I Pet. 5: 5). Even if a person believes in Jesus, if at the same time, he persists in judging others GodContinue reading “On Criticizing And Judging Others”

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