Spiritual Highs Wane – Faith And Not Feelings

Can someone tell me if this is the usual thing in America or unique to the ministry of Paula White, President Trump’s Spiritual Adviser? Would this appeal to someone desperately searching for Christ and wanting to know more about Christianity? In this performance, she says poems and prayers are no good to her – stirringContinue reading “Spiritual Highs Wane – Faith And Not Feelings”

The Days Of You Using Our Christian Faith Is Over!

Our Father, May the people of America vote wisely in the upcoming election, for the outcome of who becomes president affects not only their own country, but that of the whole world. May they choose the person who will preside with common sense, compassion and wisdom, and for the good of the people. Nevertheless, YourContinue reading “The Days Of You Using Our Christian Faith Is Over!”

Lord, We Need You More Than Ever

I wouldn’t blame anyone for giving in to despair right now. With all that’s going on, there seems to be very little encouragement. In America, we saw a young man being asphyxiated by a police officer and not one person dared to go to his aid for fear of being shot dead. The whole worldContinue reading “Lord, We Need You More Than Ever”

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